Alejandro Tulio Totto as Prince Igor - "Polovtsian Dances of Prince Igor"

Alejandro Tulio Totto as Prince Igor

Polovtsian Dances of Prince Igor
(Michel Fokine)
Colón Theater

photo: Arnaldo Colombaroli

Alejandro Tulio Totto

Former Principal Dancer of the Colón Theater of Buenos Aires, Argentina


He studies in the Instituto Superior de Arte (High Institute of Arts) of the Colón Theater, where his main teachers are Rodolfo Dantón, Carlos Fabris, Beatriz Ferrari, Gloria Kazda, Ana Marini, María Ruanova, Jorge Tomin and Wasil Tupin.

In 1971 he enters after contest into the Permanent Ballet of the same theater.

In 1977, after another strict contest, he is promoted to the rank of principal dancer, which he keeps until the end of his career.

He is invited by the choreographer George Skibine to study, and then to work in his company, Dallas Civic Ballet, in the U.S.A. There he dances Point and Counterpoint and is partenaire of the principal dancer Marjorie Tallchieff, with whom he dances Idyl and The Firebird.

He temporarily lives in New York city, studying with the maestro Héctor Zaraspe, in the Juilliard School.

When he returns back to Argentina, he joins again the Permanent Ballet of the Colón Theater and takes part in the grand tour throughout Latin America, performing in Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Venezuela, Dominican Republic and in the Caribbean islands.

While performing in the Colón Theater, he also performs as guest principal dancer in the Ballet de Cámara Argentino, directed by the maestro Néstor Roygt, a company awarded with the prize Estrella de Mar.

In Paraguay he dances, with Nidya Neumayer, The Sleeping Beauty, Giselle, Carmen and Coppelia.

He is a member of the Buenos Aires Festival Ballet, directed by Olga Ferri, of whom he is also partenaire.

He is also a member of the company of Liliana Belfiore and of the company of Guillermina Tarsi.

He dances Circular Ruins, of the choreographer Mauricio Wainrot.

He directs and dances in the Bagley Ballet, that performs more than fifty times.

In 2005 he is awarded by the Consejo Argentino de la Danza (Argentine Council of the Dance) for his artistic career.


He learns tango with his teacher, Antonio Todaro.

He is a dancer in the tango show of the bandoneonist Osvaldo Piro, in San Telmo Tango.

He also dances in the tango show of singer Jorge Sobral, during the tour to the cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

He is a member of the company Forever Tango, during the tour to the U.S.A. and England.

Ballet repertoire in the Colón Theater

His innate condition as a demi caractère dancer allows him, in the Colón Theater, to succesfully perform a wide repertoire.

He is directed by main national and international maestros and choreographers, among them:

  • Peter Anastos
  • Rodolfo Andrade
  • Oscar Araiz
  • Santiago Ayala, "El Chúcaro"
  • Liliana Belfiore
  • Vittorio Biaggi
  • Todd Bolender
  • Didí Carli
  • Jack Carter
  • John Clifford
  • Flemming Flindt
  • Yvonne Georgi
  • Dora Kriner
  • Atilio Labis
  • Pierre Lacotte
  • Vassili Lambrinos
  • Amalia Lozano
  • Gustavo Mollajoli
  • Patricia Neary
  • Vicente Nebrada
  • Rudolf Nureyev
  • Alexander Plissetsky
  • Zarko Prebil
  • Néstor Roygt
  • Antonio Truyol

He shares stage honors with the following national and international stars and principal dancers:

  • Liliana Belfiore
  • Anatoli Berdichev
  • Eva Evdokimova
  • Olga Ferri
  • Carla Fracci
  • Viacheslav Gordeiev
  • Violeta Janeiro
  • Alexander Lavreniuk
  • Ekaterina Maximova
  • Nidya Neumayer
  • Nadezhda Pavlova
  • Maia Plissetskaia
  • Sergei Radchenko
  • Ludmila Semeniaka
  • Mariana Sedova
  • Vladimir Vassiliev

Some of the ballets that he performs are:

  • Beat Suite (Oscar Araiz), soloist
  • Between Tangos and Milongas (Gustavo Mollajoli), soloist
  • Black Swan (Marius Petipa), pas de deux
  • Bolero (Maurice Béjart, re-staged by Alexander Plissetsky), main soloist together with Maia Plissetskaia, Anatoli Berdichev, Alexander Lavreniuk and Sergei Radchenko
  • Carmen (Alberto Alonso, re-staged by Alexander Plissetsky), role: The Bullfighter
  • Carmina Burana (Yvonne Georgi), soloist
  • Concerto (Kenneth Mac Millan / re-staged by Didí Carli), pas de deux
  • Concerto Serenade (John Clifford), soloist
  • Constantia (William Dollar), main role with Olga Ferri
  • Daphnis et Chloë (Amalia Lozano), role: The Pirate
  • Don Quixote (Marius Petipa), pas de deux
  • Don Quixote (Zarko Prebil), main role with Vladimir Vassiliev, Ekaterina Maximova, Viacheslav Gordeiev and Nadezhda Pavlova
  • Double Quaver (Vicente Nebrada), soloist
  • Fantasy (John Clifford), main role
  • Giselle (Alicia Alonso), roles: Albrecht, Hilarion
  • Graduation Ball (David Lichine), pas de deux "La Sylphide"
  • Hallewyn (Antonio Truyol), role: Wolventand
  • Interplay (Vassili Lambrinos), main role
  • John of Zarissa (Tatiana Gsovsky), main role with Olga Ferri
  • La Valse (Todd Bolender), soloist
  • Pentimento (Vicente Nebrada), soloist
  • National Pericón (Santiago Ayala, "El Chúcaro"), soloist
  • Polovtsian Dances of Prince Igor (Michel Fokine), main role
  • Pulsations (Vittorio Biaggi), soloist
  • Ravel Concerto (Peter Anastos), soloist
  • Raymonda (Marius Petipa, re-staged by Alexander Plissetsky), soloist
  • Romantic Encounters (John Clifford), main role
  • Romeo and Juliet (George Skibine), role: Teobaldo
  • Rythmetron (Arthur Mitchell, re-staged by Gustavo Mollajoli), soloist
  • Serenade (George Balanchine), soloist
  • Shukumei (Jack Carter), main role with Violeta Janeiro
  • Spartacus (Atilio Labis), roles: Spartacus, Crisius
  • Spiritu Tuo (Antonio Truyol), soloist
  • Suite en Blanc (Serge Lifar), pas de deux
  • Swan Lake (Marius Petipa - Lev Ivanov), role: Siegfried
  • The Captive (Néstor Roygt), main role
  • The Combat (William Dollar), main role
  • The Firebird (George Skibine, music: Igor Stravinsky), main role
  • The Four Seasons (Liliana Belfiore), main role
  • The Four Temperaments (George Balanchine, re-staged by Patricia Neary), soloist
  • The Lesson (Flemming Flindt), main role
  • The Miraculous Mandarin (Flemming Flindt), main role, for which he receives the prize of Dar magazine
  • The Mask and The Face (Dora Kriner), soloist
  • The Nutcracker (Zarko Prebil), soloist
  • The Preludes (Oscar Araiz), soloist
  • The Prisioner of The Caucasus (George Skibine), his first main role in 1972
  • The Seventh Symphony (Vittorio Biaggi), soloist
  • The Somnambulist (Dora Kriner), soloist
  • The Truth (Kenneth Mac Millan / re-staged by Didí Carli), main role
  • The Wedding (George Skibine, re-staged by Alexander Plissetsky, music: Igor Stravinsky), main role with Mariana Sedova
  • The Witch Boy (Jack Carter), role: The Preacher
  • To Buenos Aires (Gustavo Mollajoli), pas de deux
  • Valses Nobles et Sentimentales (Todd Bolender), soloist